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  • Environmental Protection
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Empowering Entrepreneurship
  • History of Assam & North East
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  • Archival of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Work

Education and Raising Awareness: We believe that exposure to new ideas and ways of looking at problems is key to growth and learning. We want to work within the existing system while developing new ones as examples. We will seek to influence students, parents, teachers and policy makers to regard teaching and learning as as an essential, exciting, rewarding and ultimately liberating activity. BHF will seek ways to bring into schools, at all levels, new ideas as catalysts and to provide leadership perspectives in keeping with Bhupen Hazarika’s role in life as educator and patron to institutions of learning. As he was able to inspire young and old to do better, our society will cultivate specialists to address affiliated schools’ student, parent and teacher bodies. It will seek to equip people with a key knowledge base including historical perspectives essential for a unique, self respecting and integrated identity with a foot-hold on economic progress. BHF will assist affiliate independent educational institutions through long term associations while inculcating the ethic of selfless service to society. The executive and managing committees for this objective will be responsible for building the support and infrastructure, in close co-ordination with the executive body, to ensure progress and results.

Green Business and Community Development: Identifying natural (by-products of natural and mineral resources such as medicines, pigments, food products, inventions and innovations, etc and human resources ( eg finding and assisting needy students with long term support). Promoting and facilitating ecological, historical and healing-recreational tours are an example of resource development that will affect the tourism, hospitality industry and transportation networks inculcated with green guidelines. This exposure will also attract of international scholars to explore and research the hidden history of this region while in all likelyhood opening collaborations between Assamese educational institutions with foreign counterparts.

Translations & Distribution:  To facilitate, regulate the quality of translation projects of all his written works into major sub-continental (Hindi, Urdu, South Indian groups) and other language groups of the world (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc). We will seek to make his songs and their meanings known to people who do not speak Assamese, locally and overseas. To direct third party publishing initiatives of original and  translated writings of Dr Bhupen Hazarika for production and distribution world-wide.  To creatively publicize the works and develop markets nationally and internationally. To introduce his works to reading curriculums through all levels of education in Assam and eventually India and overseas. To establish, in general, avenues to introduce his books into schools, colleges, universities and libraries. Under this initiative our society will be able to collaborate with new and worthy projects that emerge from innovators inspired by his legacy and example.

Environmental and Community Protection: To expose and monitor hazardous developments and to educate the public about the need for long term safety with regards to issues such as energy production, water management, hazards of deforestation and deprivation of rights of those that depend on such natural resources to survive. Benefit and preservation for and of the region and it’s people should be chief deciding factors governing development. We will seek to raise awareness about rights and grant protection against discrimination and exploitation. The broad distribution of participating members as support groups and executive committees will ensure fair representation and participation of all groups. A culture of building long term relationships will be encouraged. These collaborations will seed other cooperations between groups, partnered by our society. This watchdog initiative will be fulfilled by a dedicated team of legal eagles and specialists in social services to protect the rights of the weak segments of society against gross encroachment in the interests of short term profit motives or bad judgement.

Public Relations and Marketing (Local and International)

Local: To interact and maintain working relations with Government, local district administrations, law enforcement, private and corporate business groups, colleges, universities and chambers of commerces to co-produce and co-promote progressive programs and ideas.

International: To associate Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s name with excellence in the fields of poetry, modern urban and folk musical traditions, songs with messages, and music used for social change and education. To cultivate teams to propose, lobby for and establish chairs, fellowships or awards in his name or to honor him with names of buildings or civic or public architecture. Liaise with NE and Indian communities globally to promote the region through events and creative collaborations abroad. Seek ways to present his lyrics as a window into the culture of Assam while using them as a bridge for the seven sister states to rest of India and the world. To develop marketing and sales distribution teams abroad for products and resources of our affiliate member groups.