2020 message from Tej Hazarika (as president of Bhupen Hazarika Foundation)

May 2020 bring each of you more knowledge, wisdom and compassion for all forms of life so that it brings harmony in your families and with friends, then spreads out to rest of your acquaintances beyond your fences. Thank you for taking to the time (in this age of attention deficit syndrome), I request you to read the following longish message which if you do, no doubt it would be probably due to your respect or feeling for Bhupen Hazarika. As his son, working to bring his true message to people through the foundation in his name (BHF), I am personally inclined on this first day of 2020 to share what basic attitudes keeps me going day to day. I remind myself: Every sentient being including human being is a miracle (do you know of a smarter drone than a mosquito?) and precious beyond labels and certainly not because of a color or position in society or by number. The preciousness is certainly not found in loud and public declarations of one’s faith in one religion or political party over another, but from recognizing the preciousness that comes with dignity (respecting oneself) in the individual— an inborn nobility to be discovered and allowed to flourish in the life span of the individual. Does not make business sense even to short change people.

Let us not forget that the greatness of a nation comes from the largesse of it’s leaders and businessmen coupled with the balance and compassion of it’s law enforcers—qualities that trickle down not from the sky but from the leaders of the nation and just humanitarian laws not whims and certainly not from arrogant small mindedness patronizing meanness but from generosity, not greed; from reflection not aversion and hate; from giving a helping hand, not from injecting derision and disrespect then sucking off what little they have. Preciousness comes from the previously discovered and once upon a time widely known but now lost, but gratefully, the indestructible heritage of Enlightenment, ever present, it is the nature of mind itself, not some possession or obsession with an idea of self or a craving for union with an illusion. These are all naturally inherent qualities from human birth, you all, not convenient fabrications construed by social engineers to create artificial division for exploitation. You are smarter than that!

Make the world safer for your kids not more dangerous. Search for yourselves and have a good life, try to be kind not cruel so that you don’t regret your past track record (your karmic trail, baby, you can’t hide it and…. justice is blind. Hello! ). The day of reckoning will surely come as sure as the sun’s gonna rise tomorrow, the countdown has commenced!

So have yourself a good new year, friend, cut the (crap) ignorance at its root. It begins with our senses under our noses and watch. See it before it (…each one named above) enters into and paints your consciousness with pain, suffering and ugliness. Your chemistry is contaminated. It is cynical not joyful. How is that an acceptable state of affairs. Easier said than done, one must forever strive to be a natural social scientist. Think for yourself.
Parting shots? at 68? Hopefully, finding the right words that don’t feel phony to me at least…..My best (unsolicited recommendations) actually and personal resolutions to practice in the Nowness of it all, are to: cultivate respect for diversity; seek unity not division; look for peaceful long term solutions, not short lived violence; strive to create a magnanimous world, whatever your field and especially if you are a law enforcer we need your nobler instincts, better karma for you than the record in the police gazettes.

These suggestions are applicable where we live: on PLANET EARTH. Here I speak as citizen of the world ( I was born here). These ideas can actually be adopted for a better  quality of life by anyone.  They are also from the PUBLIC DOMAIN and FREE, so for crying out aloud, PLEASE USE THEM, you may save a life today and be glad about it!

BTW, The truth hurts because it is a double-edged sword. So be careful, don’t hurt yourself, we need you.

Last but not least, remember, as my dad advised, HANHI MUKHE, HANHI MUKHE—WITH A SMILING FACE—Tez aka Tej
Please feel free to share this if you agree with even half of it. Go for it.