Dr. Hazarika Birth Anniversary Celebration in Kuthori, Kaliabor

Press Release

We are glad to share that like earlier occasions the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika is going to be celebrated in various parts of the State on 8th September 2016. It is even more heartening that the local community of Kuthori in Kaliabor is also organizing a Day-long event in the very house where Xudhakantha spent some creative time of his life. As family members we are very grateful to the local community who maintain that house and have great plans for this site in future. I am overwhelmed by the fact of being invited to attend this programme. I take this opportunity to thank the organizers as well as the Government of Assam for the same.

We hope of the admirers of Xudhakantha will support the event and attend.


Tej Hazarika

s/o Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

on behalf of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Foundation


This is the theme song of the event in Kuthori Sept 8th, 2016 

organized by the kind generosity of the local community of Koliabor.

They have declared that 



will be the theme song  on the event.

Manuhe Manuhor Babe

by Bhupen Hazarika ± 1960


If Man won’t care for Man

With a little sympathy and concern

If Man won’t cry for Man

Just who will, tell me, my friend…


If men commit the hideous sin

Of selling and purchasing human beings,

It’ll be like replaying the past all over again

Won’t it be a terrible shame?

Tell me, my friend…


If the weak manage to swim

Across Life’s rapid streams,

Pushed on by your courage and grit

Just, how would you lose in the deal…


If Man wouldn’t act like human being

Is the demon going to act like one

Suppose the demon one day turns into man

Who is going to be embarrassed…

Tell me, my friend…

—translation by Syed Ahmed Shah

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